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Safe and swimming in 5 days. GUARANTEED!

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  • "...The "Safe In the Pool Program" is more about safety and less about swimming..." — Michelle K.
  • "...Surely enough as promised, my son, by the end of day 5 was water safe and able to swim to the side and gets himself out of the pool..." — Nora C.
  • "...Thanks to Pete, my son is confident and does not rely on mommy or daddy to help him if he gets into a tough situation..." — Cara R.

Crews For Kids

Seeing is believing! Watching the competence of students is compelling. The swim skills I teach are fabulous, but the cornerstone of my service is in the children's minds. Deep seated coping skills , a plan to cope and confidence in themselves can all be seen. Please let me make a difference in your loved ones life, and in yours!

Reduce the risk of drowning and increase self confidence.