Adults Need to Swim More!

Adults Don’t Really Swim, do They?

I have spoken to many adults that claim swimming is one of the best exercises but only 1 in 100 claim to swim every week or even once a month for exercise. We, as adults, really do not swim. Floating in the pool while on vacation is not swimming. Swimming for exercise may be one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit however many adults do not do it because they are just not very good at it.

I can fix that and I will do it for FREE!

Adults need to know how to swim properly just as much as children do however adults have come up with a couple of reasons for not “taking the plunge,” money and time. Money is of no concern when it comes to my programs. I train adults for FREE! Yes, FREE. Not having enough time is not a reasonable excuse either, here is the reason why. You and I will visit in the water for about fifteen minutes, add an hour and a half for the drills and your time spent to become a very competent swimmer has taken less than two hours! It is absolutely worth the time and effort. You can increase your self esteem and confidence in the water and open up more than just recreational opportunities to swim. You can improve your health and fitness which is a choice that will serve you well. Just imagine a new cross fit routine with killer aquatic elements at the end…now that’s an idea worth looking into!