CReWs for Kids

Kids are the most important part of parents lives! The process to make your kids as safe as humanly possible in a world where water is everywhere is absolutely reliable. With no failures and a money back guarantee as well as an A rating from the BBB CReWS Swimming is the solution to the risk all children face in and around water. The main program is the answer to risk from pools and hot tubs. That program is Safe In The Pool(SITP).

The SITP(Safe in the Pool) Program is the single most important program that exists for being safe as humanly possible in the water. It creates a swim skill that is completely reliable which leads to a coping skill in the water that is completely reliable as well. Between these two skills we raise the students to a level of confidence that precludes panic and sets the stage to master being safe in the surf(SITS). The precise step by step progressions are the same for each student and the swim skill they have at the end of the SITP program varies but the safety skills are always the same. The enjoyment of the water is a natural result of being safe and properly confident in you ability to deal with emergencies in the pool, ocean, river and lakes. The fact that we as parents are striving to raise children not just to an age that makes them adults but to be HAPPY, productive citizens makes this program even more valuable. The quick transition of your child to mastering the water enhances their confidence and their self esteem not merely in the water but everywhere in their world. This gives them a permanent positive change in their attitude and outlook in life and that is the best gift you can give a person!

Safety is the goal, but along the way many fantastic lessons and abilities are acquired! These lessons and abilities are not just learned by the students, but the parents walk away with knowledge and skills that empower THEM to continue to do an ever better job of parenting and helping their family and community to be safer and better. Join my team to make the world a better place, one student at a time! Safety around the water is always a family affair!

While SITP is all about safety, Safe in the Surf(SITS) is much more about swimming skills as well as safety. Safety in the surf is the real goal of a very large number of parents. The outdoor water environment is inherently a tremendously less predictable and more treacherous water environment. Ranging from extreme changes in temperature, ever-changing footing, water movements that cannot be seen or known in advance to water movement that is ever present but more dangerous than we tend to give it credit for. Rapids in rivers, waves onto the shore, riptides in the ocean from the beach out to sea and waves in the lakes are a constantly changing reality that we need to be aware of and plan for. Continued confidence through skill development and planning are the road to safety here. The skill that is the cornerstone to these common risks is speed. Speed in a swim is the only way to keep control in getting out of a riptide. Speed is the best way to overcome being to far from solid ground. Speed is the way to discover the skills that allow you to bide your time efficiently.

Safe in the surf teaches that freestyle swim and then the vertical treading of water so between the two you can pick a place too swim too and effectively swim there. Along the way we maintain the same confidence level that we created in the safe in the pool program. In addition a safety stroke is taught to connect the SITP technique to the freestyle stroke. It acts as a way to create an easy long distance swim that is as slow or as fast as the student needs it to be. SITS is taught in a pool, its application is in the surf but the surf is not a proper teaching environment.

The PASTIME program covers all the other techniques you may want. After your child has mastered safe in the surf they can learn the Intermediate recreational strokes for fun, the Master strokes for fun and competition and Extreme survival strokes and skills for unlikely circumstances along with the underwater series of swim techniques. Called the PASTIME swimming program: Pick A Stroke /Technique:Intermediate-Master-Extreme.