CReWs for Teens

Teens are no safer from drowning than younger children are regardless of their traditional swimming skills. The basics for training teens is essentially the same as training for younger children however because of a teens greater physical and intellectual abilities, teens are trained differently and master skills much more quickly.

My Advanced Safe In The Pool (SITP) Program is the primary program for teens. This program teaches teens swim skills that are completely reliable and water safety coping skills that are vital to survival in any type of water situation. Students will build their confidence in the water by learning not to panic as they master being safe in the pool. The step by step progressions and safety skills of this program are the same for each student regardless of the swim skills they have by the end of the program. Teens can learn to be confident in their abilities to handle water emergencies whether they are in a pool, ocean, river or lake.

My Safe In The Surf (SITS) Program is the next program available for teens which builds on the skills learned in the SITP Program. Teens seem to gravitate towards oceans, rivers and lakes for hanging out with friends and having fun. Because of the extreme unpredictability of these types of water proper skills and confidence are vital to a teens survival. Safety strokes connected to the SITP freestyle stroke and vertical treading of water will build the necessary skills and confidence that keep teens much safer in these types of unforgiving waters. Rapids, undercurrents and riptides can quickly overcome a swimmer but by developing skills and planning strategies a teen can be confident and safe in any ocean, river or lake.

My PASTIME (Pick A Stroke/ Technique: Intermediate – Master – Extreme) Program covers all the other techniques you may want your child or teen to learn after they complete the SITP and SITS Programs. This program teaches intermediate or master recreational strokes for fun or competition, extreme survival strokes for unlikely circumstances, and a series of underwater swim techniques.

The enjoyment of water is a natural result of teens learning to be confident and safe in their swimming abilities. My programs will teach them this confidence and safety as well as boost their self-esteem, not just in the water but in all areas of life!