hot tubs can be hazardous!

Beware of Hazardous Hot Tubs

Many publicized drownings are usually associated with famous people and more times than not this tragedy occurred in a hazardous hot tubs. Let’s explore why that is. Most people believe that children have the ability to understand common dangers however this is a mistake because children are “experience” learners. This means that a child has to encounter a situation that is tied to certain results and only then is a “lesson learned.” Instinctively, children panic when they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Commonly “mom” is the one a child will turn to for help because mom is usually always there. But what if mom is not around or anyone else for that matter? Misunderstanding a child’s ability to solve problems in dangerous situations usually ends in tragedy. Many people, both adults and children, lack the ability to logically handle a life or death situation when a high level of panic has been reached. Life-saving decisions are made based on experience alone.

Let’s look at how hot tubs can be so deadly when a child has no experience dealing with this potentially dangerous recreation. A child may find him or herself believing that they will be able to stand up in the tub if need arises however they have not gained the experience to know when that should happen. Children also tend to reach for the seat which is just the right height to be touched but not enough to lift a head out of the water and place the feet down. Even when not bubbling, hot tubs are a trap for children however the bubbling makes survival even more difficult. The jets drive everything in the hot tub near the surface at the center of the tub. The bubbles also destroy visibility that would allow a child to orient themselves to the the edge of the tub. The most deadly fact about the bubbles is that they destroy buoyancy making it almost impossible for a child to simply float. Please share this information with everyone you know. Never turn the jets on in a hot tub when small children will be getting in and never allow children in a hot tub without an accompanying adult. These simple steps can save a life!