Our Mission

Crews Swimming

CReWS, an educational acronym, stands for Conditioned Response Water Safety. The statistics for drowning and the position of the medical community show that basic swimming skills have no effect on the risk of drowning. Time and effort have been put into educating parents on this matter, but has unfortunately resulted in only a tiny number of parents who actually believe it. Part of the reason for this is that there has never been an alternative to the one program that exists for swimmingā€¦ until now. With 100% success and remarkable swim skills, you can now make CReWS the only program that meets the goal of substantial and visible reduction of the drowning risk. Our passionate commitment to safeguardĀ children and adults and keepĀ them from drowning is the cornerstone of our mission.

A lifetime of safety through confidence starts with our Safe in the Pool program and finishes with a successful completion of the Safe in the Surf program. Ā So explore our website, sign up for the newsletter and follow Peter’s blog so we can work together to make a real difference in our children and the world.